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Bath BeansBath Beans

The Bean People

We are very excited to bring some magic to our kiwi kids at Bathtime.

They make wonderful and unique gifts, stocking stuffers, loot bag fillers, a fun and magical present any child will love.

We hope your kids will enjoy them as much as ours do.

Bath BeansAbout the Bean People

We are a group of Cape Town “Bean People” who create Magical Bath experiences for children! Our Beanland factory is in Kommetjie, where we spend most of our time creating and making these unique bath toys.

CHECK THEM OUT! www.thebeanpeople.co.za

All our bath products are made with strict quality control measures in place to ensure you get excellent products. All of our products are ideal for bath time. They are fun for kids aged 3-8 years old and for all who want to play in the bath. They are non toxic but we do not recommend them for children under 3 years of age.

Bath Beans

Bath Beans are wonderful bath time toys. When placed in bath water, each bean pops open and becomes cute sponge characters. No batteries required!!! Lots of excitement seeing and identifying the different characters, a great bath experience for children!

Fairy Folk

Fairy Tale

Fairytale Bath Beans enchant your bath with your favourite fairy tale characters. Make sure you’re in bed before midnight!

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African Animal



Sea Creatures

Animals of the World



These hand made Sprudels not only fizz when placed in the bath, but also colour the bath water (without staining your bath!!). Purple bath water what fun!! As they dissolve they release a lovely fragrance which makes the bathroom smell nice. Hidden inside the Sprudel is a Magical Bean which is set free as the Sprudel dissolves. The Magical Bean then pops open, releasing a cute sponge character to delight the child.

Sprudels are presented in a triangular box that holds 6 different coloured Sprudels.

Single Sprudel

Single Sprudels offer the purchase of one colour ball at a time. They come in a great hexagonal box!


Sprudel Bumper Jars

8 Bath Beans and 2 Sprudels, the container is a re-usable plastic jar.

The Sprudels are very popular as they turn the bath water into amazing colours and magically a bath bean will pop out of the middle once dissolved! The bonus is they do not stain your bath either!!

Definetely a special gift item!

Phoebe decorating our bath tiles with her Bath Bean foam shapes
Bathing your child in Fanta? No its not, its an Orange Sprudel!!!!

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